“We loved working with Erin on our engagement photos from the second she pulled out her camera. She’s attentive, easy to be around, and puts thought into every detail of the images she’s capturing. We never once felt uncomfortable or overly posed, and we were thrilled with the outcome of the images – so thrilled, in fact, that we decided we wanted her to shoot our wedding, too!”

— Nika



I’m a relaxed lady raised from the South and based out of Fort Worth, TX. On my days off I’m in my workout clothes hustling away from editing, running with my dog and making my couples happy. I’m on the go often, mainly traveling around the United States.  I’m a little silly, a little strange, frankly a little awkward but I take “having fun” pretty seriously. Others have described me as being so sweet I can give you a tooth ache, but I’m not afraid to be a little salty/sassy too.

I capture images. If you’d like to know more about why I do that, please ask. I don’t feel like boring my about page with how I found myself as an artist. I seriously came out of my mother with an artistic rebellious heart and my heart hasn’t changed.


You are more likely to see me hanging back taking photos like a fly on the wall. I try hard to keep a calm and chill vibe happening while you are getting ready and then I turn my ENERGY ON for your reception. You can find me dancing with your bridesmaids snapping photos while I embarrassingly show off my dance moves.  I’m not afraid to be a little out there, crack some sarcastic jokes and be a bit silly. I challenge the line of professionalism and being your friend because I’d rather be treated like a guest than just a business interaction with a vendor.

If YOU are a loud and outgoing person, I will match your energy. If you are quiet and laid back, I’ll be matching that energy as well.

The more you build a relationship with me before your wedding, the better your photos will be. I WANT MY BRIDES TO HONESTLY TALK TO ME. Tell me about your fears, desires, needs, so that way I know exactly what you want from me. I strive to OVER deliver and the better I know you, the more I can do just that! I want you to want to get to know me too! Ask me for advice and tips! I’m full of them!

I work hard to create a calm and open environment between myself and those I’m lucky enough to work with. I’m always down for new ideas and having adventures. I’m extremely grateful towards everyone who chooses me as their photographer.

Shoot me an email and we can start planning something spectacular!


Wedding packages start at $1,750

Engagements start at $200

Elopements start at $1,000