I first met Ashley through Instameets that I was putting together in Denton and she instantly became someone I admire so whole-heartedly. Not only is Ashley a very sweet, positive and sincere person but she’s also extremely beautiful (inside and out) and talented! She does photography as well and is always experimenting. She’s great in front and behind the camera, so naturally I really wanted to shoot with her for something strange. As I was looking for dresses for a styled shoot based off of the color white, I realized that Ashley didn’t have many photos with her long-time boy of 4 years which made me a little sad.

I think it’s so important to have photos with loved ones to be able to look back on and scream, “LOOK HOW YOUNG WE WERE!!!” I have so, SO many photos with Wesley and it constantly reminds me how much we’ve grown together, separately and physically. It’s a powerful tool to appreciate him and our relationship.

I was so, so glad Ashely’s boyfriend agreed it was time for some quality photos of the two of them. It was exciting getting to meet Hunter just to see how he and Ashley love and work together. They remind me so much of Wes and I, in some ways, but they are so much cooler. I was pleasantly surprised that their apartment matched their personalities so perfectly. They both wear a lot of black and gray and their entire apartment was different shades of that, which I think reflected back in these photos! These are a LOT darker than I normally shoot but I love the way their skin and hair pop because of that.

We shot on a randomly cold Texas day but filled their apartment with lots of warmth between the two of them and their kitty cat, Gibson. This whole day was really meaningful for me, and from what this couple has told me the day was meaningful for them as well. I feel extremely blessed to have people like this in my life that let me hang out with them and call them friends.

Thank you, Ashley and Hunter. I hope you look back on these when you’re old and senile and remember how silly you were/are/can and will be.


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