Have you ever met a couple that felt like they were designed to be together? If you have, you would know how rare it is to find your best friend in life and have the chance to marry them. Sometimes you see two people and they make so much sense, the world wouldn’t be right if they weren’t together. Thank you, Ryan and Britney for finding one another and making us all cry.

I try really hard to not cry at weddings because I need to do my job the best that I can and it requires seeing, but if you’re able to look at Ryan’s reaction to his Bride coming down the aisle and NOT TEAR UP then you might not be human.

Venue: Still Waters Retreat in Springtown, TX

My favorite question Ryan asked me was- he wondered if something happened in 10 years and he managed to lose his wedding photos if I might still have a copy of them? I’ve never met anyone who cares so much about preserving these memories than these guys! It makes me so happy that these photos will get passed down into generations.

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