A few weeks ago

I reconnected with an old friend from high school, who is an amazing person and I’m so glad she reached out to me (Thank you, Sandy)! Her friend Shawn was in preparation for a sweet surprise for his girl. I was so delighted to help Shawn plan where and when we should surprise his future fiancé, Shelly. He misled her and told her they would be meeting up with other friends at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

When they arrived,

I texted Shawn that I spotted them but noticed they were walking away from me so I started to sneakily follow them from a distance. After a few steps, they TURNED AROUND ON ME and I tried to nonchalantly quickly turn around and hide my camera. (Later found out that Shelly didn’t even notice me). Shawn led her to the middle of the rose garden and got down on one knee! I stayed back and captured her reaction. Afterward, we had a session around the gardens and Shelly kept saying “OMG WE ARE REALLY ENGAGED!” They were both so giddy and adorable.

I truly love when someone completely surprises their SO that they can’t even wrap their mind around what’s just happened. I also love when people think so carefully about how they want their proposal to happen!

When we were “done” with our session, we said our goodbyes but I secretly (lots of sneaking) went to their surprise party At Chimera Brewing Co that Sandy and Shawn had planned. We hid out on the patio and surprised them once they entered! Shelly was so excited to see everyone and the care that had been put into all the little decorations!

It was so special to see all the people who cared so much for Shawn and Shelly and a few of their friends had traveled out of town to congratulate them in person! Shawn really thought of everything and it was all so sweet! This proposal and celebration were perfect for these two.


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