The beginning of a New Year is not always the best time of year for me. I often go into a year with a lot of hope and expectations but with no detailed plan in place to set me up for success, so I fall on my face and get frustrated. I started 2016 with no plans or idea on how to succeed in the wedding industry. I had an idea of what I was doing but I wasn’t giving myself set goals. I was successful in the fact that I learned more about myself and what kind of art I wanted and want to make, but I don’t think I pushed nearly as hard enough. Part of my problem is that I didn’t know where to start with my goals, but after my first year as a full-time wedding photographer- I know exactly what I’m capable of and it’s a lot more than I thought.

I decided that 2017 would be MY year. I know that’s cliche and it’s what everyone says, but I’ve been tired of trying to shoot to be someone else rather than shooting for myself. I started Pearl Street Photo thinking- “yea this sounds cool, I think people will like this” but I didn’t really ask myself if I liked what I was doing. I spent most of the year worrying about what others think of me, which is important when you are delivering wedding images and you want to make sure that your couple is satisfied. Surprisingly, that was the least of my worries. I noticed that people enjoyed when I was able to by myself, do my own thing and quit constantly worrying. I know that I was struggling to be myself in the beginning of 2016 because I wasn’t sure what that looked like while running a business. I wanted to be professional because I wanted people to take me seriously, but I soon figured out I’m just not a super professional person. I want to be actual friends with my couples and not just a business transaction.

All of this lead me down the path of rebranding to something that I felt was much more approachable and genuine, rebranding as myself. Something I avoided in the beginning because I didn’t want to be like any other photographer using their name because they weren’t creative enough to come up with something else. I’m now a hypocrite but I also understand. It makes perfect sense for photographers to go by their names because we are all different PEOPLE. THAT is what this should be about PEOPLE interacting with PEOPLE.

So, it is my pleasure to announce a new chapter of my life. Pearl Street Photo will be a distant memory of personal growth and finding myself. I’m done with all aspects of the name. I’m officially Erin Summerlin LLC, and will be doing business as Erin Summerlin / Erin Summerlin Photography. I have a new logo which my great, good friend Claire designed for me and I only have ONE Instagram account that is both my personal and business account, because from now on I’m not separating myself into two identities. You can’t get Erin Summerlin quality photos without dealing with that Erin Summerlin personality. Holy cow I’m cheesy.

Here is a look at the new logo and check out what Claire has to say about it below! I asked her to make something for me that felt like me, which I know is tricky to do but she knows me pretty well as a person and the types of design I like! I went with this design because it represents the adventure in my heart, my desires to be near mountains and the sun. I also chose these colors because they remind me of the fade a sunset will give the sky! I’m so in love with how it turned out and cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work! Thanks Claire!

Here are some thoughts from Claire!

“Making a logo for anyone is such an intimate process, all the more so when it’s for a good friend. I know Erin and her work very well, and I really wanted to capture both the nature of her personality and her photos with the mark. I knew it had to feel friendly, bright, energetic, and hopeful. It also needed to evoke love since she takes wedding and elopement shots. It couldn’t feel too stuffy or slick because that’s not Erin at all, but it had to feel special because weddings are all about specialness. The winning concept ended up featuring typography that feels handwritten for a signature quality. The landscape below is meant to represent a bright new future and the adventurous nature of love. We went with a sunset color scheme because it’s warm and lively. “

Here’s to a new year. I’ll be posting my 2017 goals soon and in the meantime, I have a new page devoted to a bucket list of places I’m dying to shoot in for a discount! I hope you enjoy the new logo, branding, and website! Contact me if you’d like to get a shoot going!

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