I don’t use the term customer or client. You are a friend here.

We loved working with Erin on our engagement photos from the second she pulled out her camera. She’s attentive, easy to be around, and puts thought into every detail of the images she’s capturing. We never once felt uncomfortable or overly posed, and we were thrilled with the outcome of the images – so thrilled, in fact, that we decided we wanted her to shoot our wedding, too!

— Nika

Weddings + Elopements

Weddings should be all about the couple, and their needs. We have thousands of days in our life to focus on work, family, pets, and friends, so your wedding day should really be all about you two. With this being said, you should be able to remember your carefully planned day the best way possible. I dedicate my time to speaking with couples honestly and I’m not afraid to tell you that I’m not the photographer for you. I want you to make the absolute best decision and I DON’T want you to settle for a photographer based on price alone. I treat my couples the way I would want to be treated on my wedding day, as a friend. Meaning I’m not just your photographer, we are going to have a real relationship that goes beyond a business transaction. If that scares you, no worries, I might not be for you!

 I carefully plan how to capture you in the most meaningful way by getting to know both of you. To do this, I like spending time with you two of course (I enjoy coffee, whiskey, and long talks)! That way you can know me, I can know you, and you don’t have some stranger following you around on your wedding day, but a good friend to share and capture the moment with you. I feel that it is crazy important that we have a connection and bond. If it’s okay with you, I’m probably going to hug you.

My Wedding & Elopement Packages start at $2,250


Elopements are actually my personal, preferred way to get married. We spend so much of our lives publicly, now more than ever with the help of social media. As a person who desires to have some private time not in front of 100s of people, while traveling to some adventurous places, elopements are my dream way to get married. If you and your honey would like to have a private and personal ceremony, I am absolutely down and can give you as much space as you need. I will travel with you and include those costs into your final pricing so that we don’t have any unexpected costs. There isn’t anywhere in the world I wouldn’t go with you. I’ve already traveled to: Thailand, Australia, Yosemite, Big Bend, Sedona, England, and Japan. Let’s keep exploring together if you don’t mind! Fresh environments are seriously the best and always completely inspire me.


Senior portraits are a blast. I love collaborating with my graduates on creative shoots that capture your personality. And don’t worry, if you aren’t sure how you want your photos to look, I’m real good at coming up with ideas. I work to make sure you feel comfortable and I would be honored to hang out to discuss any worries before we get to shooting. I promise I can make anyone look and FEEL like a model. I highly recommend hiring my hair and makeup artist pal, Mallory Leigh, to help you feel your best. 

My Portrait Session packages start off at $500