Earlier this year, I was severely depressed, stuck, and lost. I knew I needed to get out of Texas once and for all- so I did.


I knew if I could get near some mountains, my overall happiness would improve as I desperately wanted to hike and rock climb as much as possible. I sold off as many of my belongings as I could, packed up my modest belongings and hauled myself, my dog and my cat across 700 miles. This is by far the scariest, riskiest, hardest thing I’ve ever done. I moved here not knowing anyone, I have no connections here and no family. I was the first person in my family to even move outside of Texas.

Thankfully, once my friends and family understood that I needed to do this for my mental and physical well-being- everyone has been really supportive and that’s been a huge motivator and net for when I feel like I’m falling short.

The move wasn’t easy. The first few months haven’t been easy either- but I can feel things starting to fall in place. There have been huge financial and emotional struggles and I’ve realized I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was. I’ve become a much more positive, healthy and self-loving person. Things definitely aren’t perfect but they may never be and that’s ok. I’ll keep pushing and striving to find myself and figure out what I’m doing.


I have big things planned ahead that deal with photography, filmmaking and woodworking and I can’t wait to get going on these projects. Thank you to all of you who have sent me supportive texts, emails, IG messages. You keep me sane and keep me going.

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