Nika and Carlo are two extremely special people in my life, they were the first couple that booked me as their photographer back when I went full time. They both hold a lot of meaning for things I’ve accomplished and gone through this year (the good and the bad). Unfortunately, It’s hard for me to put into words how important they are to me. Something I didn’t realize but started to understand during the night of their wedding is that I don’t even know half of how incredible these two are. I’ve known this couple for a year or longer (it feels like forever), but I was surrounded by many who have known these two since birth and spoke of them with an overwhelming amount of love and honor. All I can say is that these too have a love that I’ve seen in my grandparents and they are only in their 20’s. I’ve never photographed clearer evidence that these two married their best friends and their soulmates.


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